Encinitas has 6 miles of coastline, 47.87 acres of beaches. The following list starts in Leucadia and goes South through Encinitas to Cardiff.


Grandview Beach, 1700 Neptune Ave.

Grandview Beach is located just one block north of Grandview and Neptune streets.  This is part of the California state parks and is operated by the City of Encinitas as Leucadia State Beach.  Accessible by a set of stairs situated on a bluff above the ocean, it is the northernmost in a series of Encinitas beaches.  Looking out to the beach through the framed palms, you feel like you found paradise.


Beacon’s Beach, 948 Neptune Ave.

Beacon’s Beach is located in Leucadia at the end of Leucadia Blvd. and Neptune Ave.  Beacon’s is probably best known for its surfing.  Surfers are willing to walk up and down the bluff trail to get to the waves.  On the maps, it’s “Leucadia State Beach” but ask the locals, and they will just say, “It’s always been Beacon’s Beach.  Even the sign at the top of the bluff reads Beacon’s.”  It is approximately 1.4 miles north of Moonlight Beach.


Stonesteps Beach, 350 S. El Portal St.

Access to Stonesteps is in the 300 block of Neptune Ave. at south El Portal.  Stonesteps is a wide and spacious beach during low tide that gets lost during high tide.  A staircase offers public access, but there are no restrooms.  This beach is secluded and peaceful.


Moonlight Beach, 400 B St.

Moonlight Beach is located at the west end of Encinitas Blvd.  The parking lot is located at 400 B St. This state beach recently underwent a $6 million upgrade to the bathrooms and added 10,000 square feet of additional sandy area and a new concession stand. By far, this is one of the most family-friendly areas in town, and compared to the other beaches, it's more accessible. There is a playground for the little ones as well.


Swami’s Beach, 1298 S. Coast Hwy 101

Swami’s is named after Swami Paramahansa  Yogananda because the grounds and hermitage of the Self Realization Fellowship ashram, built in 1937, overlook this reef point.  From the parking lot up top you walk down a long set of wooden stairs and descend upon one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. Swami's is a haven for surfers, so there is always something to watch out in the water.


Cardiff State Beach - Cardiff Reef

The beach is located between the San Elijo State Beach campgrounds and the Restaurant Row in Cardiff just off Hwy 101, and it has been called the Riviera of the West.  Cardiff State Beach has a gently sloping sandy beach with warm water.  The site offers swimming, surfing and beach combing.


Cardiff State Beach - Seaside

Seaside Beach is a sandy beach in Cardiff State Beach at the border between Solana Beach and the Cardiff-by-the-Sea area of Encinitas, CA. Cardiff State Beach is the long sandy strip along the west side of San Elijo Lagoon  The Parking lot at Seaside Beach is on Highway 101 at the end of Cardiff by the Sea just before you go up the hill to Solana Beach.  Surfers enjoy the waves that break over the reef known as Seaside Reef, or Tabletops. Seaside Beach itself is narrow especially at high tide. When the tide allows you can walk south on the sand to the beach at Tide Beach Park below the high bluffs of Solana Beach. Rip currents exist so be careful where you swim while at Cardiff State Beach. There are many restaurant options just up the highway behind the North Beach of Cardiff State Beach.