Summer Never Ends

This is a reprint of a Fathom Article

Summer Never Ends in Encinitas

by Juliana Jaoudi 

Encinitas, the hippie-meets-high-class beach town in San Diego County, is all about catching rays, coastal rides, ohmming your way to self-realization, fish tacos, and totally relaxing in endless summer style. Local girl and Fathom contributing editor Juliana Jaoudi shows us around.

ENCINITAS, California – Encinitas is the raddest California beach city ever. And Cardiff-by-the-Sea, the village within the city of Encinitas, may be even cooler.


I come here for my family, but there’s so much about this comfortable and delightful lifestyle to attract visitors. Encinitas is defined by its charmingly laid-back, authentic, and high-performing locals who surf, do yoga, train for triathlons, hike, fish, eat clean cuisine, meditate, play golf, farm organic vegetables, grow citrus, self-realize, watch the sunset, and raise their children with excellent public schools and architecturally stunning libraries with ocean views. The towns offer distractions aplenty, but their adjacency to luxury destinations also means you can experience the equivalent of high and low surf and turf.

The topography is a pleasing combination of rolling hills and Pacific coastline. The neighborhoods are lined with iconic palm trees; the homes are a mix of old-school bungalows with overgrown bougainvillea and modern structures with tasteful drought-resistant landscaping. Everyone dedicates space to their surfboards, paddleboards, bikes, and other sand and stay-fit gear. This is truly that place where the locals live an integrated life style.

Imagine summertime all the time. That’s why you’d come to Encinitas.

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